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Few words about Pearl’s DIY

Ok so you’ve decided that you want to create something, but what should you create?  Easy! See below for some of our most popular art styles and genres.  Everybody has an inner artist dying to get out and now you can choose what style fits you.  From canvas painting, to painting wine bottles, Pearl can accommodate all genres. All of our paint products are selected with one thing in mind; “Does this painting put some “hip” in “paint and sip”?”

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Painting On Canvas

Come unleash your inner artist and choose from a variety of edgy, hip images to paint.  We provide you everything you need, all you need to do is bring yourself and your favorite drink.  We will have all options from sport logos, city skylines, to your favor album cover to paint.

Paint Your Pet

We all love our pets.  At Pearl, we can immortalize your pet in canvas form.  We can arrange an art party where we paint your favorite pet or animal.

Glass Painting

Want something cool that goes a little outside the usual canvas painting?  Try our glass painting classes and personalize your own wine glass or beer mug.  Personalized glasses are perfect mementos for bachelorette parties, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Fan Favorite!

Pallet Painting

Wood-Pallet painting has become more and more popular over the years.  The rustic, worn texture of a wood pallet can provide a stylish and unique centerpiece for your home or commercial space.  Combine that with a powerful saying and your wood pallet becomes an intricate part of any décor.

Fan Favorite!

Glow In The Dark Painting

Want to do something very cool and different?  Try our glow in the dark painting class. This class is guaranteed to deliver.  Follow our artists as they help you create glow in the dark masterpieces that illuminate under our L.E.D lights.  We can even provide paints that will luminesce on your wall or commercial space.

Nude Model Figure Painting

Looking to paint something very different, or wanting to be a little naughty?  Maybe it is your bachelorette party or maybe someone is having a spicy birthday party?  In any event, check our calendar for these special events of nude or semi-nude models.

Fan Favorite!

Festive ornament or Holiday Gift

Come celebrate the holiday season with the artists at Pearl! Our artists will take you through creating a unique and heart-filled hand made gift for yourself or others. Follow along as we teach you how to decorate and create a festive original ornament.  This class is the perfect way to let your holiday cheer shine.

Art Masking

Looking to create interesting designs or geometric shapes.  Our art masking class teaches you how to create simple designs that can accent any home or commercial space.  Follow along with our artists who will make this newer art theme come alive on the canvas.

Mosaics On Canvas

Mosaics have been around since the beginning of art history.  Join this class to create masterpieces where we will use small pieces of tile or glass to create beautiful images.

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